Types of Kitchen Cabinets

What Types of Kitchen Cabinets are Right for your Home?

Kitchen cabinet types are often confused with cabinet styles. You need to know what types of cabinets will fit smoothly into a space before embarking on a kitchen remodel or a brand new home. This knowledge will help in planning for better function, storage and the overall layout of your new kitchen.

Basic Kitchen Cabinet Types

There are 4 basic types of cabinets that can be used in groupings.

— Base Cabinets

Base cabinets hold up counter tops and provide doors and drawers for storage. They
can be long or short depending on the available space. The average height for base
cabinets is 36-inches and a depth of 24-inches. A 4-inch riser is placed under the
base cabinets to better support the weight and balance.

— Wall Cabinets

Wall cabinets are hung from the walls and are usually placed directly above the
base cabinets. They are similar in style and color, but are only a standard 12-
inches in depth. This provides an open area for counter tops. Wall cabinets can
stretch to the ceiling or be less dramatic in length.

— Pantry Cabinets

Pantry cabinets or tall cabinets can stand alone or be built-in. They normally
range from 84-inches to 96-inches in height. They are designed to hold objects like
brooms and mops. Many can be lined with shelves for storing cooking items and

— Cabinet Doors and Drawers

Cabinet doors and drawers are in constant use. If they are not at least 1/2-inch
thick, they will prematurely wear. This is also where style comes into play. There
are 3 distinctive styles for cabinet doors and drawers that create a certain look.

Raised or recessed center panels will present a traditional or modern look by
inserting a middle panel.

Full overlay doors and drawers almost cover the complete front frame of the
cabinet. This style provides a continuous line that suits modern and contemporary
designs. Partial overlay doors and drawers are what most people are familiar with.
They cover only the opening and a small section of the frame surrounding it.

Inset cabinet doors will use a flat insert, like beaded wood, to create a unique

Types of Quality Grades in Kitchen Cabinets

You can walk into a home improvement store and see displays of kitchen cabinets. However, there is a difference in the types of quality grades available.

— Ready-to-Assemble (RTA) Kitchen Cabinets

RTA cabinets are an inexpensive way to get new cabinets. The entire base needs to
be assembled and installed. The material can be substandard and without precise
measurements and balance, these cabinets can be short-lived. Only an experienced
DIYer should attempt to put together and install RTA cabinets.

— Stock Kitchen Cabinets

Stock kitchen cabinets are a step above RTA cabinets in quality and choices in
style. Different manufacturers are known to deliver solid wood, melamine, or
plastic laminates over particle board. The quality of material is easily spotted
and the price will be reasonable compared to custom-made cabinets.

— Semi-Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Semi-custom kitchen cabinets can be cut to specific sizes. Perhaps your kitchen
will not allow for stock kitchen cabinets. By changing the dimensions, you can fit
a kitchen perfectly with semi-custom cabinets. The price tag will be a little
higher than stock cabinets, but your kitchen will benefit from the custom look.

— Custom Kitchen Cabinets

For dream kitchen cabinets in Las Vegas that will last for decades, hire a company that provides custom
kitchen cabinets. While the cost will be significantly higher than all other types
of cabinets, the results will be astounding. Personalized detail, quality materials
and totally hand built, custom kitchen cabinets are built to your desire and

Selecting kitchen cabinet types will prepare you for the styles, finishes and accessories to make your kitchen shine. Decide on what you want and what you are willing to pay in covering your area with cabinets. There is something for everyone with these choices of kitchen cabinets types.