Modern Kitchen Cabinets Styles of 2019

Your kitchen is the epicenter of your home which makes it a very important part of any renovation. And what covers the most surface area in a kitchen? Usually it’s the cabinets. That’s why your cabinet choice is quite possibly the most noticeable design element in your entire home.

Many people don’t understand how any choices they have when it comes to cabinets. The material used, the color, whether or not to keep the wood finish natural or to cover it with paint, what hardware to use, etc.

Before making these selections you must consider what you want your kitchen to feel like. Sleek and modern? Simple and cozy? Timeless and elegant? Think about the rest of your home and how to make your kitchen fit in seamlessly with your plan for everywhere else. Perhaps your home already has craftsman design elements or maybe you’re working on creating your dream country cottage. No matter your vision, there is a cabinet style for you. Here are the top cabinet styles of 2019.

Traditional: These cabinets are usually made of solid wood and have detailed designs. You’ll find them in a variety of colors and finishes with antiqued metal hardware. Often they have raised panel doors- where the center parts of the cabinet stick out and there is an inset border. They are also usually accompanied by intricate tile work and decorative moldings.

Shaker: Most cabinet styles have common elements whereas shaker cabinets have a standard formula. Simple, clean lines featuring flat doors with square frames and hardware that isn’t too ornamental. Shaker cabinets are usually found in neutral colors, white and grey are the most popular options. People like them because they are very versatile. They are dressed up enough to complement a traditional theme and comfortable enough to work in a cozy farmhouse kitchen.

Rustic: Think log cabin. These cabinets show off their natural wood tones in warm colors. True to their rugged fashion they will often be left unfinished where you can see their knots, imperfections, and rough edges. They also often feature strong wrought iron hardware.

Contemporary: These cabinets are created from man-made materials like composite woods, plastics, and metals. They are very flat with no framing or designs and minimalistic hardware.

Slab: Like contemporary cabinets, this style features doors that are flat and flush. Easy to clean and inexpensive to install because they require less material. Hardware is usually selected to avoid disrupting the flat surface and sleek appearance. These cabinets are also convenient for low-maintenance lovers, as they are very easy to wipe clean.

Craftsman: Craftsman style anything centers around clean straight lines and function. To get this look in a cabinet designers use darker wood tones, simple but sturdy framing, and industrial looking hardware.

Country/Farmhouse: A very popular cabinet for a very popular decor trend. Country cabinets are painted pale washed out colors. Some even feature distressed paint with the intention of looking cozy and well-loved.

Glass Front: A great way to add a special touch to any of the cabinet styles above, glass front cabinets can feature many of the same design elements you’ll find in any of the other styles. Glass-front cabinets can also be backlit to give your kitchen an additional glow and highlight your favorite pieces. In some kitchens you’ll find glass front cabinets as accents and in a few modern kitchens you’ll find that all the cabinets are glass-fronted.

All these cabinet styles are great options. The choice really comes down to your unique vision and what is going to be functional for your kitchen. It is also important to note that different styles come with different price points so be sure to take that into consideration. Learn more: Are Custom Cabinets Worth The Investment? in our recent article. The style you choose can affect whether or not your current cabinets can be refinished or the doors replaced. In some cases you can’t just put on new doors and a complete overhaul will be required to achieve the desired look. In any case, the final product will be well worth the money when you see how changing out this one element of your kitchen makes it feel like a whole new place. If you are in Las Vegas, contact our company, Custom Cabinets of Las Vegas Inc. for more information on getting pricing and affordable rates on your home remodeling project.

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