Kitchen Remodels in Las Vegas

The kitchen is the hub of the home. This is where everyone in the family inevitably gathers after a long day. It’s where people make Sunday brunch and Thanksgiving dinner. Many people have an existing kitchen that isn’t quite what they want. It may have outdated fixtures, appliances that aren’t right or just a dated look. In that case, there is an answer. That answer is a kitchen remodeling project. A kitchen remodeling project is an excellent way to get a great kitchen and add value to the home at the same time. Before starting, it’s best to know exactly what to consider. It’s also best to get a run down on any expected costs before doing anything else. Getting the details right before the project starts is the best way to get fantastic results.

The Basic Elements of a Kitchen Upgrade

While each kitchen is different, in general there are four basic elements to most kitchen remodeling projects. These are the countertops, appliances, cabinets and flooring. Several factors will influence the costs and results involved for the remodeling project. This includes the kind of materials that are needed such as tiling or hardwood. It also includes your decision to go with standard items or to look for custom made items designed just for your home. It’s also important to think about what will fit into your present kitchen space. For example, you might like certain items but the refrigerator is too big and the range you like best requires you to makeover the entire space as well as removing doors and redoing the windows. A good professional can help you narrow down your choices and decide what works best for the look you have in mind.

Kitchen Countertops

Beautiful, elegant countertops are not only the star of the kitchen, they’re also highly practical spaces you’ll use every single day. Countertops also come in a wide variety of materials. Granite is gorgeous and says luxury. At the same time, it also needs careful installation and special care to remain looking lovely. Quartz and butcher block are also excellent midrange choices that look wonderful and will last a long time. Tile is another option. It can be customized to the user’s exact preferences and installed more easily.

Kitchen Cabinets

Your kitchen cabinets form an important part of your overall kitchen design. Custom cabinets have endless possibilities and come in many varieties of wood often with intricate details. While custom made cabinets give any kitchen a high end and modern feel, keep in mind that they can be very expensive. Standard cabinets also come in wide range of styles, wood and colors and can look just as good.

The Appliances

Appliances set the tone for the rest of the kitchen remodeling project. Well chosen appliances make the kitchen truly functional and beautiful. Today’s homeowners can pick from lots of different types of appliances. High end appliances with stainless steel finishes not only look lovely but are also highly energy efficient, helping the homeowner reduce their utility bills. If that’s out of your budget, energy efficient EnergyStar® appliances are another great option.

Kitchen Flooring

You might be happy with your existing flooring. Or you might want to change it out. If that’s the case, you’ll find lots of wonderful options. Wood is beautiful but it needs care to avoid stains. Tile is another great choice. Tile remains cool underfoot during the summer. It comes in many colors and styles so it’s easy to find the one you like best. Other kitchen flooring options include vinyl, limestone and even marble.

Making Changes

Some homeowners are happy with their existing kitchen layout. Others would like to take their galley kitchen and open it up, add an island or break down a wall between the kitchen and other rooms. Changing the layout is a major expense. This is why it’s good to consult carefully with a professional before you begin. They can help you decide precisely how to implement these changes and give you an estimate of the overall costs you can expect.

A Labor of Love

Redoing the kitchen is a fabulous way to make your home lovelier and better for your lifestyle. It’s a good idea to take the time to figure out the details of the renovation before you begin. You should set a budget, speak with a contractor and think about specifics such as the kind of cabinets you like best. You’ll soon have the fabulously updated kitchen you’ve always wanted.

Your Budget

When thinking about a kitchen remodeling project, the first thing to think about is the cost. Even if you’re planning a project with a huge budget, you’ll still want to know where it makes sense to spend money and where it may not be as important. In general there are three basic kitchen remodeling plans to think about. A basic kitchen renovation is ideal for those who want to make some basic updates and bring their kitchen into the modern era. This kind of updating typically includes standard but functional appliances, basic flooring materials and items like a modern backsplash. The upper range kitchen remodeling project is ideal for those who want a little something extra. This is where you may want to spend money on upscale appliances and perhaps even redo the kitchen’s configuration by changing the layout for something more efficient. The deluxe kitchen upgrade is an opportunity to turn your kitchen into a showplace. This is an ideal choice for the gourmet cook or those living in area with lots of million dollar homes.