Kitchen Design Trends 2019

Few places in a home become as careworn as fast as the kitchen. This is understandable because the kitchen is the center of many homes and gets a great deal of traffic. If cooking is done frequently, (in some households a home cooked meal is a special occasion) the wear and tear is compounded. No wonder there are substantial trends in kitchen decor nearly every year.


Here are some unique kitchen design trends for 2019:


Black Everywhere

The last few years have seen kitchens designed with striking colors such as red or yellow wall cabinets, kitchen chairs painted different pastel colors and brightly hued tiles for counters and backsplashes. One kitchen trend for 2019 is the kitchen done mostly in shades of black. These include matte black cabinets, glossy black tiles for backsplashes, black paint on the walls and even the ceiling, black appliances and even black shades for pendant lights. Only the countertops, the tops of islands and peninsulas and open shelves are allowed to be made of wood or another non-black material. The trick is to keep the kitchen from being gloomy or foreboding. A mostly black kitchen should be inviting, mysterious and even sexy.

White Everywhere
On the other hand, some homeowners are continuing with the overwhelmingly white kitchen. This means white wall tiles and backsplashes, white materials on the counter top and whitewashed ceilings, floors, exposed walls and white shelves and custom cabinets. However, this year the white is joined by atural wood. Cabinet doors and drawers made out of dark wood contrast beautifully with the rest of the kitchen’s gleaming white color scheme.

Alternative Countertops
Another kitchen trend for 2019 are countertops that look as if they’ve seen better days even if they are brand new. These countertops look as if they have been subjected to years of ripping hot pans, acid spills, dings, dents and rust. They haven’t of course. Two advantages of these countertops are that when they’re subjected to the inevitable spill, stain or burn it won’t show as much and that even when they’re new it makes the cook look like they spend their free time slaving away in the kitchen.

Alternative Sinks
The material for sinks has expanded beyond stainless steel, solid surface or vitreous china. Now sinks ca be made of such alternative materials as hammered copper, base metals with a gleaming bronze finish, composite and natural stone such as marble, granite or soapstone. The aprons of metal farmhouse sinks can be hammered or chased into beautiful designs that can be replicated on the backsplash.

Invisible Vents
Even if the homeowner can’t quite make vents invisible, the trend in 2019 is to make them inconspicuous. Before, people could easily find the stove vent, for the hood was big and made of shiny metal. The new style is for vents to be enclosed in materials that match the adjacent wall cabinets or indeed mimic the wall cabinets. They are also much quieter than older vents that were so loud when they were turned on that people had to shout to be heard.

Different Metals
Polished chrome finish has been a fixture in American kitchens for a dog’s age, but there were times when it was almost replaced by such finishes as bronze or brass. There was a trend where all the metal in the kitchen was black, and there might have been an age of pewter. In 2019, every finish, if not every metal, is welcome including copper and rose gold.

There’s no rule that says artwork doesn’t belong in the kitchen. This includes framed paintings and photographs as long as they are enclosed in frames and glass that resists the kitchen’s inevitable heat and humidity. The homeowner shouldn’t be shy about displaying beautiful antiques, heirlooms or hand-made works of art found on vacations i far away places. These look amazing on open shelves or in glass fronted cabinets.

Handmade Tile
Handmade tile can be seen as another way to bring a type of artwork into the kitchen, though this artwork is also functional. The interesting thing about hand-made tiles is that each tile is just slightly different, which draws the eye immediately to them. They’re just the thing for a rustic kitchen.

Open Shelves of Forged Iron
Forged iron shelves are another element that will be see i some kitchens i 2019. Forged iron is not wrought iron. It is tougher and stronger and so able to hold a wealth of pots, pans, small appliances and dinnerware even though it has the somewhat dainty look of wrought iron.

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