How Much Do Custom Cabinets Cost?

Custom cabinets allow freedom of design and expression inside of the home, allowing homeowners the opportunity to create the exact look they want to reflect their style. Homeowners that choose to install custom cabinets in their home can choose their own cabinet materials, sizes, finishes, hardware, and other features. It is a personalized project that enables you to create the perfect style in your home. The end result is a superbly designed space that matches the homeowner’s every desire.

Why Choose Custom Cabinets?

Custom cabinets can easily be installed in any room with a lack of space, although most homeowners install them in the kitchen. The kitchen is one of the most special rooms in the house and the custom cabinets addition creates even more ambiance and appeal. While stock cabinets are priced considerably cheaper, custom cabinets are more appealing and most agree well-worth the extra expense. But exactly how much will it cost to install custom cabinets in the kitchen at your home?

Custom Cabinets Average Prices

Many factors should be considered before you hire a custom cabinet maker to create cabinets for your home. Never hire a company based upon the price alone and spend some time researching the choices ahead of time. No two companies provide the same level of quality or expertise; do not settle for less than what you deserve. Nonetheless, money doesn’t come easily for most of us who work hard eight or more hours every day to make ends meet. We want to know the exact amount of money any new project we tackle will cost, including this important project.

The average price to install custom cabinets ranges between $500 – $1200 per linear foot, averaging a total cost of about $12,500 – $40,000 to install cabinets in a 25-linear-foot space. If your home isn’t this large or you want fewer cabinets, the project costs dwindle significantly. The total installation price includes cabinetry, installation, materials, labor, and hardware. Luckily, most homeowners spend just over $4,600 to install new cabinets in their kitchen. As expected, many factors determine the overall costs of the project aside from the linear feet of cabinets needed.

What Affects Custom Cabinet Pricing?

Do not rush to install new cabinets in the house. New cabinets are a reflection of your family and your personality and the time should be taken to customize them to your exact specifications. Furthermore, comparisons are important to make to ensure that you like the finalized product.

Wood, steel, and laminate veneer are the most popular materials used to construct new custom cabinets. The chosen material is certainly a big factor in the overall costs of the project. Most homeowners choose plywood cabinetry because it is aesthetically pleasing, affordable, and thanks to a laminate coating, warp resistant. It’s also affordable and has a long-lasting lifetime. Steel is the most expensive material used to build cabinets while wood is also costly, but elegant. Other factors that impact the costs of the new custom cabinets installed in your home include:

– Removal of old cabinets
– Hardware/selected finish
– The company chosen to install cabinets
– Molding & Trim

The factors that affect cabinet costs that we’ve listed here are among the many that you should keep in mind when reaching out to a professional to discuss your cabinetry needs. No two homeowners spend the same amount of money to install custom cabinets in their home simply because so many different factors influence the price. Even still, it’s more than possible to create the cabinets that you love, no matter what your budget might be.

The Bottom Line

With limitless style and design options, custom cabinets provide every homeowner with the platform needed to create the perfect cabinets for their kitchen space. Although costlier than traditional cabinets, the money spent to buy custom cabinets will ensure that your home provides you and the people that you love the most with the look and appeal that you want and crave. Request estimates from a few providers, compare costs, and when the day is done, you’ll find a quality provider to create and install gorgeous cabinets that accentuate your home perfectly.

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