Cabinet Refacing

Things to consider when hiring a Cabinet Refacing Company in Las Vegas

When you want to increase the level of appeal of your interior setting, it may be time to update the cabinets that are installed. Over time, the cabinets can look worn and outdated but can be made over if they’re still in good condition. When you’re looking to hire a cabinet refacing company, there are a few important things to consider.

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The Durability of the Cabinets

It’s essential to evaluate the current condition of the cabinets to determine if they’re durable enough to be refaced without wearing down or becoming damaged during the process. They should be strong enough to have the exterior material replaced and repainted to avoid having to replace all of the cabinets. The cabinets also need to be sturdy to ensure that they can support the new doors that are installed.

In many cases, cabinets that have been in the home for many years or decades are often better quality. The solid structure is necessary even if the cabinets are coming away from the wall, which is an easy repair before the refacing is performed. Metal cabinets are the only type of product that can’t be refaced.

The Style You Prefer

Evaluating the style and design of your kitchen and home is necessary when choosing the new look of your cabinets. When refacing your cabinets, you’ll need to select the specific design that you prefer to ensure that it complements the surrounding decor in your home.

In many cases, the layout of the cabinets can also be altered to improve the functionality and traffic areas in the room. This is why many cabinet installers recommend thinking through your new kitchen design before starting the project.

Your Budget

It’s important to know what you can afford when selecting a cabinet refacing company to ensure that you can complete the project and improve the quality of your kitchen. Fortunately, you can save up to 50 percent by refacing the cabinets rather than replacing them, which can be more cost-effective for many homeowners. You can contact multiple contractors to obtain a few bids in advance.

Many different materials are used when refacing cabinets, which will influence the overall cost of the project. Standard laminate and veneer cost less and are popular options to select. Solid hardwood facing comes with a higher price tag due to the high quality of the material.

If you have more flexibility in your budget, you can also add accessories that are often included in the process. Many types of storage solutions are available to increase the organization of your kitchen products and ingredients that are stored in the cabinets. Cuterly dividers in the drawers, silverware organizers and trash pull-out units are some of the top features to include in the new design.